Cookie Policy

1. Introduction

The present Cookies Policy informs how VALLIS handles information that identifies or makes identifiable the Users (“Personal Data”) by installing cookies or other similar technologies on its websites, including, but not limited to, the Website‘s web pages.

The use of the Website by any User shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions of use, and their use implies acceptance by the User. If the User rejects the Terms and Conditions, the User must immediately cease using the Website.

The User should also read and analyse the Privacy Policy applicable to the Website in order to understand how their Personal Data is collected and used in accordance with the provisions and under the terms of the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data and privacy.

VALLIS ensures compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (“GDPR”) and all applicable legislation regarding the protection of personal data and privacy, in any processing of Personal Data that it carries out on the Website.

2. Definition

Cookies are software files that the Website or applications install on Users’ browsers or devices during their browsing and are used to store browsing information, usually in text files. In this Cookie Policy, we refer to cookies and similar technologies together as “Cookies.

Like most websites and webpages, VALLIS uses Cookies to:

  • Make sure that the Website is working correctly;
  • Storing the User’s preferences, such as the selected language and font size;
  • Discover the details of the User’s browsing experience; and,
  • Collect anonymous statistical information, such as which pages the User visits and how long they stay on each web page.

The use of Cookies and similar technologies allows us to ensure that the Website is accessed, operated and adapted to the preferences of Users and third parties so that they function correctly, as well as to personalise content and advertisements based on browsing habits.

3. Types, purposes and functioning

Cookies can be classified as (i) Session Cookies or (ii) Permanent Cookies:

  • i. The first type of Cookies are temporary, expiring when the User closes the browser or device. The information obtained allows problems to be identified and resolved during the session to offer a better browsing experience; and,
  • ii. The second type of Cookies expire when their purpose has been completed (for example, to identify the User on the Website) or when they are manually deactivated by choice. Generally, they are used to direct browsing and respond to the User’s interests, promoting a more personalised service.

Depending on their purpose, Cookies can be classified as:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: Necessary or technical Cookies are used to activate essential functionalities of the Website and which cannot be deactivated on VALLIS systems. As a rule, these Cookies are installed when Users access or log in to the web pages, and are used to identify Users, with the following main objectives: (i) to keep the User identified so that, when they leave the web page and return later, they can still be identified, making navigation easier without having to log in again or (ii) to ensure that Users are authorised to access certain areas or services of the web page. These Cookies are used to enable Website management and the use of essential functions and services during navigation. The deactivation and blocking of this type of Cookies may be carried out directly on the User’s browser, provided, however, that access to the Website may be blocked by VALLIS or some web pages may not function correctly.
  • Performance and analytical cookies: Performance and analytical cookies, proprietary or third-party, are used to analyse traffic sources and quantify the number of Users, enabling statistical measurement and analysis to improve the performance of the service provided on the Website. They help to understand which web pages are most or least visited and Users’ preferences. The information is collected and analysed in aggregate form and for statistical purposes.
  • Functional Cookies: Functional Cookies are used to provide specific functionalities of the Website, allowing the User to take advantage of a set of services such as real time chat or multimedia content options. These Cookies may be own or third-party Cookies, when the functionalities of the Website are contracted on a service provision basis. If the User does not allow the use of these Cookies, some functionalities of the Website may not work properly.

4. Controlling and disabling Cookies

VALLIS makes a Preference Centre available to Users where detailed information is provided about the types of Cookies used on the Website. Users can select which types of Cookies they wish to install on their browser or device used to access the Website and save these preferences for future browsing.

The browsers or devices also offer settings that allow the User to accept, refuse or delete Cookies, notably by selecting the appropriate settings. The User can configure Cookies in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu of their browser or device. However, it is important to point out that disabling Cookies may prevent the Website from working properly, affecting all or part of the Website’s functionalities.

Users can configure Cookies through the following links provided in the most popular browsers:

If you wish to oppose third-party Cookies, you may also do so via the wesbites or

If the User accepts the installation of Cookies belonging to third parties, e.g. within the scope of the Google Analytics services, he or she can also uninstall them later by configuring their browser or by installing the disabling add-on available at

5. Additional guarantees and revocation of acceptance

VALLIS will not be responsible for the content and veracity of information about the treatment of personal data of third parties, including, without limitation, in the privacy policies made available on its wesbite.

As an additional guarantee, the installation of Cookies on the Website may be subject to the user accepting Cookies during browsing and installing or updating the browser used. This acceptance may be revoked at any time in the content and privacy settings, as defined earlier in this Cookies Policy.

6. Cookie Policy Update

VALLIS may modify this Cookies Policy in accordance with legal or regulatory requirements or adapt this policy to new instructions enacted by law.

7. Questions

If you have any questions regarding the terms of operation of the cookies used by VALLIS, you may contact us at:

Last update: 29th of November, 2022