Consolidation Funds

Designation: Vallis Construction Sector Consolidation Fund, SICAV-SIF
Theme: Engineering & Construction Companies in need of financial and economic restructuring that fit into a defined consolidation project
Assets under management: 540 Million Euros
Market: Portugal
Investment Types: Turnaround / Distressed Assets
Regulator: Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, the CSSF
Auditor: Deloitte

Vallis Construction Sector Consolidation Fund defined the following investment criteria

  1. Companies with a medium or medium-high dimension with significant international operations
  2. Companies whose viability implies integration in a larger Group
  3. Companies in need of structural adjustment due to the change on the Portuguese market size, and
  4. Companies with complementary skills and specialties which can contribute to creating a strong Group in a wide range of activities within engineering and construction

When applying these investment criteria, the Fund runs a sectorial consolidation strategy based on three pillars

  1. Restructuring of Liabilities
  2. Adjustment of structural costs to the actual market demand in each geography
  3. Aggressive orientation towards international markets with great growth potential, namely on the Atlantic Triangle (Iberia, Africa, South America).

This strategy involves integrating portfolio companies in a common entity, which is more efficient and responsive to changing market demand. This has led to the creation of a unique brand for the entire portfolio under management - ELEVO GROUP.


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