Growth Funds

Designation: Vallis Sustainable Investments I, S.C.A., SICAR
Regulation: The Fund with headquarters in Luxembourg is regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission of Luxemburg, CSSF.
Theme: "People, Planet and Profit" - industries and sectors with a non-cyclic and resilient dynamic growth.
Dimension: 75 Million Euros.
Markets: Portugal and Spain.
Investment Types: Growth Capital, Management Buy-Outs, Management Buy-Ins, Leverage Buy-Outs.
Preferred Industries: Food value chain, Health value chain, Water value chain, Waste value chain, Forest value chain, Energy and Energy Efficiency.
Investments Size: Equity ticket between 5 Million Euros and 15 Million Euros, typically from 7 Million Euros to 10 Million Euros.
Investment Target: Majority of voting rights or dominant influence in governing bodies of the portfolio companies.
Target Companies: SME's in Portugal and Spain with a turnover between 5 million Euros and 50 million Euros. Investments in companies operating in tradable goods sectors with a clear export drive, are favored.
Auditor: EY.


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